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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Icelytics?
Performance monitor tool for your mobile app - integrate using our SDK and get direct insights what should be fixed to speed up your app, and make it more reliable to the user. Get perfect knowladge about your network requests - always with context which method, screen and app version is responsible for it!
How about pricing?
As we currenlty focus on working together with each customer it is impossible for us to give pricing without knowing anything about your app. However we are working hard on releasing public version soon - sign up above to be notified when it will launch.
Why shoudn't I measure data usage on the server-side?
We found dashboard of Firebase/AWS/Parse lacking in many aspects - just one graph updated with 4h delay, no details of usage or context etc. Also you still miss those requests of users who are offline or having authentication issues - even on custom API. As addition we provide a context from mobile app - which screen, code method, app version or even what size of a screen. Thanks to that you can make your app better by knowing what to fix.
Shoud I even care how much data is my app using?
One - your customers will love you even more, second - you will cut by significant amount your monthly bills of backend services (ex. Firebase with 1GB = 1$).